Legacy Giving

There will always be people who need the help of New England Village. Since our founding in 1972, many generous friends and family members have included New England Village in their estate plans. This important source of income ensures that NEV can continue to provide empowering and life­ enhancing services for generations to come.

If you have included New England Village in your estate plan, or are interested in doing so, would you let us know? We would like to invite you into our Vision Fund Legacy Society and acknowledge your thoughtful concern for the future of our organization. By providing for NEV clients in your plans, you become an essential member of our donor family.

Any inquiry regarding how to make a gift through your estate places you under no obligation and will be held in strict confidence. If we may be of assistance to you or your attorney, tax adviser or stockbroker, please let us know by contacting Krista Mason at (781) 293-5461 x215.

Gifts That Can Support Your Personal and Financial Objectives

Charitable Bequests

Leaving a gift in your will is simple and easy. The following language may be helpful to you and your attorney: I give and bequeath the sum of $_________ (or_______% of______my estate) to New England Village,Inc.,to be used in support of its general charitable purposes.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A gift annuity provides the donor a fixed income stream for life,along with certain tax advantages,in exchange for a sizable donation to charity. Charitable Gift Annuities are offered through certain banks and investment firms. Contact your financial advisor for more information.

Charitable Trusts

A Charitable Trust is a legal trust that has a charitable beneficiary. In a Charitable Remainder Trust, income goes to a beneficiary of the donor’s choosing (such as a family member). After a stipulated period,what remains in the trust will go to the donor’s designated charity. In a Charitable Lead Trust, the opposite is true- NEV receives the·in-come for a stipulated time,after which the assets are passed to the donor’s beneficiary. Trusts are particularly useful for assets that have appreciated in value and for managing capital gains and gift taxes.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Another way to leave a legacy is to name New England Village as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. This can be done with either a new or existing policy.

Retirement Funds and Other Investments

Many retirement plans have deferred tax benefits for accumulating assets but at death may be subject to both income and estate taxes. Without planning,over 60% of the value of your tax-deferred accounts may go to the government. Gifting these accounts makes use of the full value of the assets.


This material is for informational purposes only. Please discuss your estate planning with a financial advisor or attorney.


For more information on NEV’s Planned Giving Program, please call Dolores Rezendes at (781) 293-5461 x107 or email Dolores at drezendes@newenglandvillage.org.