Employment Services

Paid Employment and Skill Acquisition

Since its inception, New England Village has been helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities maximize their vocational potential and earn a salary through meaningful work. This program operates at our Career & Community Exploration Center and offers opportunities for paid employment and skill acquisition toward the goal of competitive employment.

Community Partners

Program staff members provide consistent and varied work opportunities for individuals through independent job placements in the community. We are continually seeking community partners who will provide valuable hands-on experience and career exploration opportunities to the individuals we serve in exchange for reliable and dependable employees who bring a positive attitude and energy to their jobs.

Job Training Programs

New England Village embraces an “Employment First” philosophy, believing that every adult has a right to work and can benefit financially and emotionally by engaging in meaningful employment. To that end, we prioritize positive work habits, vocational training, and exploration as the preferred pursuit for all people supported through our program.


To learn more about employment services at our Career & Community Exploration Center and scheduled tour dates, please contact our Admissions Director at 781-293-5461 or via email at info@newenglandvillage.org.

Hear from Our Program Participants

“George’s employment has opened new doors for him. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities weren’t always given a chance to show their abilities. NEV has done a remarkable job of helping people like George get employment. It gives him such a sense of pride that cannot be explained.”

– Parent of a CBDS Participant