Adult Residential Services

NEV currently staffs 17 traditional group homes and offers Individualized Support Services for people seeking more independence and requiring less than 24-hour staff support.

Day Habilitation

These programs provide a practical approach to skill-based training.

Community-Based Day Services

Individuals not currently working receive support in our integrated community-based program.

Employment Services

This program offers opportunities for paid employment and skill acquisition toward the goal of competitive employment.

Enrichment & Community Services

Embracing the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are committed to offering people of all abilities and backgrounds a rich variety of programs intended to educate, inspire, or enhance an individual’s experience.

Sollar Wellness Center

This facility was uniquely designed to host a variety of health, wellness, and community programs. It includes a 30-by-50-foot swimming pool for therapy-based or aqua-fitness classes.