Adult Residential Services

Our Residential Services Division provides a variety of housing and support arrangements for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). This diversity of offerings allows us to be flexible and responsive to individual changing needs, personal preferences and interests. All of our residential support options are designed to ensure individual control, foster meaningful relationships, encourage personal growth and well-being and result in a high-quality and dignified life in the community.

Residential Service Options

Traditional Group Homes

Our modern and beautifully maintained homes in Pembroke, MA, are part of a thoughtfully planned community. Staffing ratios are determined based on the personalized needs of the individuals in the home, and may include 24-hour awake or asleep overnight staff. Engaging and participating in local community life is an important cornerstone of all NEV residential services.

Individualized Support Services

Customized services are designed for individuals seeking more independence and requiring less than 24-hour staff support. Services are typically delivered in an individual’s own or shared apartment or the family home. We foster an environment of individual choice and empowerment, encouraging each individual to be actively involved in setting goals and engaging in lifelong learning, personal fulfillment, and community integration.

Additional Residential Supports

Being responsive to the individual needs of every person we support is a top priority for us, and sometimes that requires access to more specialized medical, behavioral health, and therapeutic supports. Some of this expertise is in-house and some is part of a robust referral network built over the course of more than 50 years of delivering supports to the IDD community in southeastern Massachusetts. These enhanced services include:

  • A licensed Clinical Director assisted by Registered Behavioral Technicians
  • A Health Services Coordinator (RN) assisted by licensed nurses
  • Medical Case Management (in-house)
  • Partnerships with local visiting nurses, visiting therapeutic, and in-home hospice care services
  • A monthly psychiatric clinic on-site
  • A monthly podiatry clinic on-site
  • A monthly bloodwork clinic on-site
  • Access to an extensive network of local primary care physicians, Boston-area medical specialists, and therapeutic supports such as psychiatry, counseling, nutritional services, speech/language therapy, music therapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.


To learn more about our programs and our scheduled tour dates, please contact our Admissions Director at 781-293-5461 or via email at

Hear from Our Residents

“I love it here. I like living in the Red Cape. I like watching my shows and wrestling and the day programs at TLC (The Living Center) – cooking, art, fitness, and music. I like the staff here, too. Lindsay is nice and Jen is a great artist. Art and music will never die. I like my job at Kohl’s in Pembroke, too. I’m grateful for my health, healthy food, and good friends in TLC.”

– Allan F.