NEV Family Association


The NEV Family Association (NFA) provides family members and guardians opportunities to participate in the New England Village community. The Association understands and identifies with the needs of New England Village and is willing to provide support to help meet these needs.

A foursome from the Family Association’s annual golf tournament.


All parents/siblings/guardians of NEV enrolled program participants are automatically members of the NEV Family Association; however, all other family members are welcome to join the Association at any time.

Members may withdraw their membership at any time by notifying an Association officer.

Scope of Responsibilities

The Family Association consists of family members/guardians who volunteer to organize events and activities inside and outside of NEV. These bring family members, individuals served by NEV, staff, and administrators together on an informal basis. The Association also helps recruit other parent-volunteers for such Agency-led initiatives as fundraising, educational workshops, and supportive activities for families and staff. Family Association volunteers play a vital role in annual giving by encouraging fellow NEV family members to join them in supporting the organization with their time and philanthropy.

Events and Activities

NEV Family Association members serve as ambassadors representing New England Village people and services in their local communities. In this capacity they organize, coordinate, or sponsor:

  • Welcome events/packets for new residential/day program families
  • Talks on topics of interest to families, e.g. guest speaker on Special Needs Trusts
  • Fundraising drives/events for NEV
  • Volunteers at NEV-sponsored functions/events
  • Staff appreciation events

A Statement on Volunteerism from the Family Association

Family involvement is an integral part of the success and longevity of New England Village and as we lend our time and talents to this community, we try to choose experiences that will make use of our strengths and interests—all while being respectful of our time and other personal commitments.

We intentionally do not require a minimum number of volunteer hours from our family members; instead, we encourage all to contribute in ways that are purposeful and personally meaningful to them. Ultimately, we want people to be excited about the contributions they make here rather than feeling obligated.

While some members may choose to volunteer in the same capacity each year, others may prefer variety, selecting different events or experiences—the choice is theirs. We want our members to feel good about their contributions because we firmly believe that it is in giving, that we find our greatest joy.

NEV Family Association Officers

Lisa Hannahan — Chair

Nick Koechlin — Vice Chair

Lee Scott — Treasurer

Laura Lee Milhaven — Secretary

Learn More

To learn more about NEV’s Family Association or to volunteer, email the officers at: