Frequently Asked Questions

With 17 modern and beautifully maintained homes in a picturesque and thoughtfully planned community in Pembroke, MA, our residential programs are designed to provide a rich and meaningful life to those we serve and to encourage close relationships with peers and staff. By offering a wide array of activities, programs, and events, residents have the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests here on our property as well as in the community.

We provide a variety of innovative programs and customized supports and embrace the philosophy that individual choice and self-determination should direct all of our services. We offer employment and community-based day services, day habilitation and retirement programs, and community enrichment opportunities to achieve that mission.

At New England Village, we believe individuals have a right to pursue their own interests and to choose their own path. A team comprised of staff and family meets with each resident to determine what their interests might be, as well as any goals, they may have. The team then plans activities that assist in achieving those goals and desires. Program offerings are highly customized and are established based on an individual’s personal interest and motivation. Staff also encourages the development of new interests and skills which often lead to opportunities for growth.

Embracing the values of inclusion and diversity, New England Village is committed to offering the people it serves and the greater community a wide variety of programs intended to educate, inspire, or enhance an individual’s experience. Using a person-centered approach and designed to accommodate a diverse learning style, these programs are available to those with and without disabilities. Scheduled during the evenings and on weekends, some of our enrichment offerings are held at local venues or recreational facilities, and others are held at New England Village’s Sollar Wellness Center, a modern facility uniquely designed to host a variety of health, wellness, and community programs. From painting classes and music programs to sports and theater, there are a plethora of activities and opportunities here on our property, as well as out in the community, available to the people we serve.

Program staff provide consistent and varied work opportunities for individuals through independent job placements, supervised crew assignments or by working directly in clerical, mail room, janitorial, or maintenance positions at New England Village. For those individuals who are not employed, our CBDS program utilizes a person-centered approach toward career exploration and planning and employs a variety of tools, including skills training, and other community-based experiences, all of which can serve as a pathway toward employment.

The best way to find out is to visit us and take a tour of our property and our homes. You will have a chance to visit our state-of-the-art Sollar Wellness Center and talk with staff, residents and families. For more information, call our Admissions Director at (781) 293-5461 or email

New England Village is financially stable and will remain so over the long term. The New England Village Endowment Fund, which continues to grow thanks to the support of many generous families and friends, ensures the ongoing security and care of Village residents.

If an initial needs assessment seems compatible with the Village service model, a formal admissions application will need to be completed and submitted for review. A comprehensive evaluation process involving family, funding source and NEV Administration will ensue. A typical course of action would include: record review, observation of the individual on and off campus and face to face meetings with family members and other significant providers. A formal acceptance letter is issued when compatibility is determined, an appropriate bed is available and funding secured. 

*We invite private and state-funded referrals