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We’ve been helping local businesses meet their unique staffing needs since 1972. Our highly motivated workforce comprised of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is well-trained, and our support staff works closely with employers to ensure a mutually rewarding experience for both the employee and your business.

Employers should consider hiring disabled workers for several reasons, including ethical considerations and the potential benefits they can bring to the workplace. Here are some key reasons why employers should consider hiring these valuable workers:

Diversity and Inclusion

Hiring disabled workers promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A diverse workforce can bring different perspectives and ideas, which can lead to innovation and improved problem-solving.

Skills and Abilities

Disabled workers often possess valuable skills and abilities that are relevant to the job. Their disability may have required them to develop strong adaptability, resilience, and problem-solving skills, which can be assets in any workplace.

Loyalty and Dedication

Disabled workers may be more loyal and dedicated to their employers because they may face more significant challenges in finding and maintaining employment. They often appreciate the opportunity to work and are committed to their roles.

Customer Base

Hiring disabled workers can help a company connect with a broader customer base. Customers with disabilities may be more likely to support businesses that employ individuals with similar challenges.

Workplace Morale

Embracing diversity and hiring disabled workers can boost workplace morale. When employees see that their company values and supports people of all abilities, it can improve overall job satisfaction and team cohesion.

Innovative Solutions

Disabled workers may bring unique perspectives and insights to the workplace, which can lead to innovative solutions and products. Their experiences can help a company better understand the needs of diverse customers.

Adaptive Skills

Many disabled individuals have honed adaptive skills that can be valuable in a fast-changing work environment. These skills can include creative problem-solving, flexibility, and the ability to navigate obstacles.

Positive Public Image

Companies that actively hire disabled workers often enjoy a more positive public image. Customers and investors may view such businesses as socially responsible and ethical, which can enhance the company’s brand and reputation.

Economic Benefits

Some government programs and organizations offer tax incentives or subsidies for hiring disabled workers, which can provide economic benefits to employers.

It’s essential to recognize that hiring disabled workers should not be solely driven by a sense of obligation or charity. These individuals can bring tangible benefits to the workplace and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Employers should focus on creating an inclusive work environment where all employees, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

Key Statistics

Statistics tell us that people with disabilities are disproportionately underemployed and unengaged in their communities. Unfortunately, people with disabilities are often overlooked and lack the same opportunities that may be granted to others.

of Massachusetts’ population has a disability
MRC (2016)

of disabled people over the age of 22 do not have paid employment

National Core Indicators (2013–2016)
of those without employment stay home during the day
National Core Indicators (2013–2016)

of disabled adults have volunteer opportunities, while 24% would like to


On-the-Job Support

NEV employment staff provide assessment, training and on-the-job coaching for individuals in order for them to develop the necessary skills and work habits to be exemplary employees. We work with on-the-job supervisors to become part of a natural network of support for the employee.

Getting Started

If you are considering hiring someone with an intellectual or developmental disability, but have some questions, we welcome the conversation. We would be happy to put you in touch with other employers who have had successful experiences and explore the ways that we can ensure a positive experience for you. Our staff members are eager to develop a customized plan for your business in order to match you with one employee (or more) who can help you achieve your business goals.

If you are interested in hiring one of our skilled workers or want more information about our Employment Services program, please contact us at 781-293-5461 or via email at info@newenglandvillage.org.

Hear from Our Business Partner

“We found that the individual’s work attitude has a highly positive impact on the job culture. Often these employees excel in jobs with traditionally high turnover rates, resulting in significantly reduced hiring and training costs for the employer. They take great pride in working and succeeding.”

– Local Business Manager