Put simply, to “advocate” means to support someone. It means you help create change. You stand up for others. You defend them. You become a voice when a voice is needed. At New England Village, we advocate for those we serve every single day. We are committed to representing those individuals who need a voice. We stand up for the rights of those who can’t support themselves. We also advocate for the fair and equitable treatment of our essential staff. We fight for better laws, increased funding, improved care, and excellent wages for our essential workers so we can continue providing the best care and lives for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It’s our mission, and we will never stop advocating for those who need it.

Our industry is ever-changing, and we believe it’s vital to keep an open line of communication with our supporters. As policy issues, bills, and legislation that may affect those we care for and employ, advance over time, we will reach out to those who support us with advocacy requests. Together, we will tirelessly work to ensure that those we serve continue to receive the best care, opportunities, and support we can provide.

Growing Concerns About Group Homes

Advocacy groups say a workforce shortage is causing group homes helping Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be understaffed.