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Activities at New England VillageFor those individuals who have retired from working or those who wish to spend time in a slower paced environment, New England Village offers The Living Center (TLC) enrichment program. Activities for this group are truly centered on an individual's interests, energy levels, and personal desires. Some people are happier to go at a slower pace and not have their life so scheduled, while others crave the social interactions that community activities and group settings provide. Founded on the recognition that all human beings have the need and the ability to find fulfillment throughout their lifespan, TLC provides support for people who want to try something different, meet new people, deepen friendships, and explore and discover more about the world and themselves.

Through volunteerism and civic projects, TLC offers individuals connections to community involvement. Classes such as current events, music, technology, and exercise provide a meaningful and enriching day for participants. Additionally, The Living Center offers a robust arts program that produces quality works of art that are shown at numerous art fairs and public exhibits.

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Mission Statement: To empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to realize their potential and pursue their dreams through innovative programs and community living.

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