The Sollar Wellness Center – Your Health is our Mission

Mary StanleyA blog post by PR and Marketing Coordinator, Mary Stanley

February can be a difficult month—usually cold and snowy—providing little motivation to stick to New Year goals and resolutions to stay fit, take better care of ourselves or to try something new. But thanks to community centers like the Sollar Wellness Center, getting healthy or stepping outside of our comfort zone to try new things, whether it’s a fitness program or an art class, has never been easier.

We are excited to open the doors of the Sollar Wellness Center to the community and to encourage all people from the public, those with and without disabilities, to participate in many of the programs we offer here. We want the Sollar Wellness Center to be a true community center, where people of all abilities engage in activities together and connect with one another.

As part of NEV’s own goals for 2017, is a commitment to offering classes and programs that are designed not only for the people we serve, but for the people from the general community as well. Dedicated to making “your health our mission,” we plan to offer fitness classes where people with intellectual or developmental disabilities can participate alongside those without disabilities, and art classes that are inclusive of people of all abilities. We want the public to come to see the Sollar Wellness Center as a resource for them as much as it is a resource for the people we serve.

In addition to being a center that offers the community a variety of options that promote a healthy lifestyle, it is our hope that people from the town of Pembroke and surrounding towns will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the work that we do here and, in time, will help to foster relationships between the people we serve and the general community. As anyone who works in the human services field will tell you, the relationships and friendships we develop with the people we serve have a significant impact on our own health and happiness and go a long way in bringing out the very best in us. And that is a health benefit you cannot get from just any community center.

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