The Lion and the Lamb

By Kim Lowman

Wellness Program Manager

March is an unpredictable month. It can be mild like the lamb or wild like the lion. It’s called the windy month. One of my first very clear memories of my childhood took place in March. It was a windy day and I was riding my bike through my neighborhood feeling free and wild—more like a lion then a lamb. Peddling along, not a care in the world… just feeling so free and happy. That’s my version of the story. My parents will tell you I was six, I did not have permission to be out riding my bike. I did not have permission to ever cross the busy road to go to the candy store and I had no money to buy candy anyway. We all agree that a police officer took me home, which is likely why I remember it so well. That day I was a lion! I was an adventure seeker. As I grew older and learned some lessons and paid some consequences, I was also able to be a lamb and accept this softer side of myself.

Life is like the month of March. It will at times be mild like the lamb and it will get wild like the lion. Navigating it with health and wellness as a focus can balance out those two animals. The lamb would suggest self-care and down-time. The lion would push for activity and adventure. If I knew that my adventure to the candy store would end up with a policeman and worried parents and some kind of punishment, would I have dared to take that ride? The lion in me took over! You see, as kids we are not so afraid to make a leap and learn from it. We take dance and gymnastic lessons. We join little league and soccer teams. We jump into every opportunity that we are offered, from boy and girl scouts to learning how to swim or sail a boat. We are lions! And yet we also know how to get enough sleep. We form strong friendships and bonds. Those bonds remain strong for some of us our whole lives. We make ourselves #1. We know what we like and what we do not like. We nap, rest or just sit and watch the butterflies or clouds pass by. We say no when we are overwhelmed or tired. We are lambs.

If January is for resolutions, then maybe March is for goals. What does the lion in you want for yourself? Adventure? A new fitness routine? More activity? A new outdoor hobby? Maybe learn a new skill? To attack a long term goal with a baby step? Change your lifestyle or unnecessary habits? We have the information. It’s called Google and Youtube. It’s a matter of finding your own inner “lion” and getting started.

And the lamb…what does the lamb in you need for self-care? A yoga class? Meditation? Learning to speak up when your plate is too full? Asking for help? Re-charging? Stopping and looking at the beauty as spring unfolds around you? Eating well? Making sleep a priority? Making new friendships and bonds? Letting go of things that no longer matter? The lamb is already at work in all of us, but we have to listen and set aside the time to carry through with our inner-self and its messages.

To me, the lion lives outside of the self and urges us to try new things and find adventure and spirit; the lamb lives inside and guides us intuitively towards calmness and peace. Together, they balance us out so we can be healthy, vibrant, joyful and productive. We can share as well as receive. And if life gets too windy, then it’s always OK to take a day or two and be the turtle! No worries—the lion or the lamb will always nudge you back out to play.