By Kim Lowman

Wellness Program Manager

Welcome to the year 2020! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Me too. So… how’s that been going? Be honest! Are you nailing it every year? Have you even just once followed through on a resolution? Would your nose grow like Pinocchio if I asked you in person?

Sorry if I sound sarcastic, but I’ve been doing this New Year’s resolution thing a very long time and I have come to the conclusion that it means nada, nothing, zilch. It’s more like wishful thinking or hoping for some magical thing to happen. In the moment, we have every intention of “making this the year we will do “it”– whatever “it” is. Then something happens and we throw in the towel and make excuses or worse, start the negative self-talk because we threw in the towel. Why? Why do we throw in that towel? I have a theory. Maybe this year can be different…hear me out.

If you look up resolution in the dictionary, it reads, “a firm decision to do or not do something.” If you look up resolve, it reads, “decide firmly on a course of action or find a solution to a problem.” If you look up solution, it reads, “a means of solving a problem.”

The way I see it is this…. We are so busy making our resolutions and resolving to make a change, that we are missing out on the most important part of the word: solution. It’s right there in the word… we need to find a solution to whatever “it” is we want to resolve to change or not change. We need a plan!

When you decide to go on a trip, let’s say somewhere warm, you research; you decide where, when, with who… it’s fun to think about it and picture it in your head. But, unless you make the reservation to hold your spot, then buy the ticket, it’s all wishful thinking. You will not magically transport to that sunny paradise. You need a plan. Resolutions work the same way.

If you resolve to make healthier lifestyle changes, which is the #1 resolution every year, you need to “buy a ticket”- that may mean joining a group where like-minded people have the same goals as you. Some examples could be a health club, yoga studio, healthy cooking classes, weight loss groups, meet-ups, walking clubs, etc. If you are looking to change habits that are unhealthy, you will need to make that “reservation” with your primary care physician, find a group meeting, hypnotist, therapist or like-minded people to support you through the journey.

The second most popular resolutions are making goals for financial change. Maybe making that big move or buying that car or house. Unless you live in munchkin land, then that house is not going to drop out of the sky. Much like planning the trip to the warm climate, you need to research, decide where, when and with who. It’s not going to magically happen, so you’ll need to make that reservation by contacting the credit companies and bankers and finding out what you need to do in order to buy that big “ticket” item! Motion creates motion, so whatever you start can propel you forward… don’t throw in the towel!

Go big this year! Why not? Make BIG resolutions! Then make bigger solutions, so you have a plan to guide you. A resolution is not a one-week-in-January event. It is a 365-day plan to make 2020 a great year of accomplishments. Frankly, until we discover how to magically transport our wishful thinking into actual productivity… what choice do we have? The year 2020 is going to happen with or without us, so I’m making my reSOLUTIONS and going for the ride…I have a big one this year (ask me and I’ll tell you!) 🙂