Popcorn and a Movie

By Kim Lowman

Wellness Program Manager

We did it! It is 2021! We should all congratulate ourselves. Honestly, I’d like to just stop right there…but that would be the easy way out and we all know I have lots to say! This morning, a colleague who shares my visions gave me a copy of a positive thinking quote. The first line grabbed me, and I knew it was how I needed to start off my 2021. The line was: “where your attention goes your energy flows.” That makes sense to me. Think happy thoughts and voila! – You’ll be happy. Think negative, and you’ll end up glum or in a rut. So, there you have it—my job is done. But wait… what about those days when you just cannot shift those less than positive thoughts into blissful, joyful, magical, Disneyworld reality? This, my friends, is where we need tools—tools to shift anything we do not desire towards things we do. I am not talking about material things (but you can); I am talking more about setting up for the best year ahead in our thoughts and expectations, and not dwelling on the year behind. I won’t even say the year. It’s gone. Like the song says, “Let it Go.”

So back to the tools. How do we shift our less than positive thoughts? I have written dozens of monthly blogs for a few years now and mentioned meditation numerous times. If you are not doing it now, perhaps you never will; or perhaps you will give it a go this new year. I’ve talked about exercise and moving. Either you are or you are not; either you will or you will not. I have written about eating healthy. Hopefully, now that the holidays are over, you can find a way back to the nutritionally sound way of feeding your body or you’ll set your mind to starting now. Sleep—it’s huge and without it, we are all cranky pants and we know it, so I won’t say anything more about that. So what is left in my tool box that I have not already shared? A couch, a TV, and a bowl of Popcorn. Movie Night!!

There is no better way to change your mindset from glum to cheered up than to watch a good old-fashioned, “feel good” movie with a bowl of popcorn. Usually, the main character is not in a great place but ends up in a happy place. We get to go through the journey with them seeing all the… wait for it …TOOLS they find along their way. Watching them changes the way we think and where our attention goes. We see that we can find joy, magic and Disneyland too. We have to believe that “where your attention goes your energy flows.” If you can take your mind off negative thoughts for even just a short while… you can lift your spirits and start heading toward the positives by re-wiring your brain to feel those happy thoughts. A “feel good” movie can do just that!

So, here are a few critically acclaimed “feel good” movies to put on your list when you need a boost.

Devil Wears Prada, The Bird Cage, The Help, Princess Diaries, Sister Act, The Pursuit of Happyness, Forrest Gump, LA LA Land, Mamma Mia, Wizard of Oz, The Parent Trap, Grease, Ground Hog Day, Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, Jerry Maguire, Little Miss Sunshine, The Sound of Music, and it’s never the wrong season to watch It’s a Wonderful Life! If you’re reading this and know other movies – share them with me, your colleagues, and friends. Passing along positive tools also creates positive thoughts!

Cheers to 2021 and getting back to the theaters soon!