Photographs and Memories

By Mary Stanley
Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator

There is an adage that says we should appreciate the present because some day we will look back and realize these were the “good old days.”  Well, for many people, especially parents who have been juggling home schooling, work, and family, if any part of 2020 and the pandemic is ever considered the good old days, it might be frightening to think about what the future holds!

That said, March 2021 is faring a bit better than March 2020. This month, as many of us received our first and second vaccines, things seemed to be looking a bit brighter.  Even the weather reflected this feeling. March came in with a roar but seemed to exit as a little lamb, with warm, spring-like days that had many of us venturing out for walks and enjoying the outdoors again.

Weather, it seems, has an enormous impact on our emotions. Yes, sunny days tend to have most of us whistling while rainy days can cause us to feel a bit down. But, what if we changed our attitude toward the weather. I would challenge you to find as much joy in a rainy day as a sunny one. Rainy days can provide the perfect excuse to stay inside and read a good book or watch a good movie. They can offer the perfect backdrop for completing indoor projects, like cleaning a closet or, on my list for 2021, going through all my old photographs and organizing them. Nothing screams good old days like looking at pictures from another era in our lifetime. And those images seem to serve as a time machine, transporting us back to the days when our children were babies…we can almost feel their breath on our neck again.

We look at those photos and smile at how young we were; some evoke such strong memories that we can recall exactly what was happening and what we were laughing about when the shutter was clicked. Other photos can tug at our heart—especially if the people in the picture are no longer with us. Still, it can put a smile on our face as we recall those people and how much they meant to us and what they brought to our lives.

As we close out the month of March and look to April and the showers that this month is noted for, I encourage you to find pleasure in those rainy days, whether with a good book, a movie, or a happy memory.