Humor is Health

By Kim Lowman

Wellness Program Manager

Do you have a “most embarrassing moment?” You know what I mean…a story that wasn’t so funny in the moment, but looking back it is rather comical! Now is a good time to share those funny stories! Laughing at ourselves is key to our health, both physically and mentally. And when we are telling our stories and laughing at ourselves, those around us laugh, too. Jokes are fun. Riddles are fun. But a truly funny embarrassing moment story comes with a visual… a set-up… a moment, and then the end result.

Let me take you back to the summer of 1985. I was 25. Fashion was skirts to the knees or ankles, big oversized sweaters or shirts. The bigger the hair the better—for boys and girls. It was the Duran, Duran  and Madonna era. Worst fashion years ever. Guys wore pegged pants. What’s that? Big balloon pants that were tight and “pegged” at the ankles. Bomber jackets were in. And high-waisted Mom pants were just regular pants, not only for “moms”—men wore them too.

I was working in a large office building with a ginormous parking lot. I had a huge crush on a guy that worked on the second floor, which overlooked the parking lot. I knew he could see me when I came to work in the morning. He worked early and my company started later, so I always had to park at the very back of the parking lot. Each morning, I carefully chose my outfit for the day, did my hair, parked my car and made my cat walk entrance across the huge parking lot to the door, assuming he was watching me out the window. Of course, if I ran into him in the hall I would run the other way like a child. But I looked forward to that walk across the parking lot every morning, in my attire of the day, sure to impress him.

It was a hot and muggy day in August when my “most embarrassing moment” happened. I had on a periwinkle blue skirt and light blue oversized top and I was looking smashing. Blue flats to complete the outfit and enough hairspray to pollute the o-zone. I sauntered toward the building, brimming with confidence, ignoring the strange sensation I was experiencing which felt like the elastic waist band on my skirt had come loose. I discreetly checked and the skirt was in place; but now the sensation is down towards my knees. A few more steps and it’s near my ankles. I looked down and there was my half-slip, all bunched up. What to do? Quick choices run through my mind—pick it up, kick it away, run and hide or……  just step on out of it, and saunter along. Maybe he didn’t notice. Maybe he wasn’t watching me, after all. Maybe I should quit and find a new job. I took a breath and stepped out of that slip and continued on like nothing had happened. It was gone at the end of the day. I was mortified at the time, but now I can find the humor in myself and how ridiculous it all was… acting like a Super Model and “all that.” I was one “slip-up” away from coming back to earth!

I did end up going on a date with Mr. Crush about a month later. He did see my catwalks. He did see my “slip-up.” The whole office saw the ordeal. They all knew I had a crush on him and so it was a morning thing to watch me come in—because he had a crush on me, too! Turns out, Mr. Crush was not Mr. Right but I’ll always remember him because of that one day in the parking lot.

What’s your story? If you submit it to me (yes, it can be anonymous), I will compile NEV’s most embarrassing stories to lighten us all up this Spring! Laugh often and mostly at yourself and watch how others will follow along!!