Bloom where you’re planted

By Kim Lowman

Wellness Program Manager

Many years ago, I reluctantly sold a house that I helped design and build and moved to another property. It wasn’t a choice and I was very lucky to find something that could work for myself and my sons. It was a transition property in my mind and that helped me to accept the situation. It was March. With spring around the corner, I could almost start to envision my new home, but I sorely missed what I had left behind. A good friend of the family dropped by with a housewarming gift. It was a small plaque. Four words. “Bloom Where You’re Planted.” She understood because she had gone through something similar. It was perfect timing. That plaque inspired me with those four simple words and the message it brought. I lived in that “transition house” for 13 years and made some great memories. I bloomed where I was planted, and I never looked back. In fact, I moved again two years ago and have planted and bloomed yet again.

Every March we start to look for signs of spring. Some years the buds on the trees appear early and some years, it’s a bit of a wait. A big part of the readiness for spring when you have a yard or garden area, is the clean-up. It so happens that my entire front yard is nothing but one big garden that goes totally dormant in the winter. It needs a lot of care to spring back to life. This is a chore for most, but not for me. I love it. I love uncovering the tiny sprouts of what is to be a flower or bush that will eventually fully bloom. I love to see how clean and happy it looks when all the dead leaves and leftover winter storm damage is removed. What intrigues me most though are the tiny little trees that seem to grow randomly in my garden every spring. I have no trees in my front yard, yet there are tiny trees that pop up each year. I assume the seeds of nearby trees have somehow made their way to my garden and that they have decided to bloom where they’re planted. For me, it’s just another reminder that the winds can blow the seeds wherever and once they find fertile soil… they can and will grow.

So here we are…nearly a year later, after months of uncertainty, change and challenge. It is March again and that means spring is right around the corner. Sunnier and warmer days are in our future. We may yearn for what was left behind as we muddled through 2020. That is okay. It’s how we learn to accept what has become our new here and now. We were tossed by the wind like the seeds of a tree and now we are ready to find that fertile soil where we can bloom. We need to clean out our winter gardens and tend to the new life that is right under the soil. Yes—that is all a metaphor! For those who do not relate to or care for metaphors, in plain speak… folks… it’s time to accept that we are where we are supposed to be so take a moment to look for the joys in life. We need to celebrate that we conquered the winter. We had no choice. We need to stop the negative talk and see that we are lucky to have found a new home that works despite leaving behind and missing our old one (oops, another metaphor). You know what I mean. Had we known a year ago what lay ahead, we could not have envisioned that we would come through it. But we did. So wherever you find yourself…may I suggest you “Bloom Where You’re Planted” and enjoy the sun.