Autumn: A time to celebrate family

Mary StanleyA blog post by PR and Marketing Coordinator, Mary Stanley

For many of us, the end of August marks a time when our children take that step into the next phase of their lives and go off to college. After moving them into their dorms and saying tearful good byes, the next time we get to see them may not be until Family weekend, typically scheduled for October or early November. When we come to visit at that time, we will see a change in them; they will have acclimated and adjusted to their new life, made new friends, and found a place where they are truly happy. They will be excited to share stories with us and we will find ourselves thoroughly enjoying our conversations with them.

Family Day here at New England Village is not much different. Our residents love seeing their family members and introducing them to their friends here. They enjoy showing off their living space and talking about the exciting things they are doing. Though many of our residents have been here for a number of years and their family members are more than familiar with the property and the people here, the thrill and excitement that surrounds Family Day does not wane. Our residents continue to look forward to this annual event and to welcome their family members to their home. Whether they are visiting with Mom and Dad or brothers and sisters or even nieces and nephews, they feel the love that only family can give.

Here at NEV, the word family extends beyond blood relations and includes the staff as well. Our residents have come to think of staff—from direct care professionals to those people working in the administrative offices to those who maintain the property and the buildings—as extended members of their family.  In essence, NEV, both its staff and the people we serve, is one big family.

Family Day at New England Village is very much a day of celebration. This event offers us an opportunity to publicly recognize the anniversaries and significant accomplishments of some of our residents; and nothing means more to them than to share these recognitions with the people they love. With music, a photo booth, face painting, wonderful food and other family-focused activities, this day promises to be one where wonderful memories will be made. As has become a tradition, it will be a day that is filled with lots of laughter and love and one that will be cherished in the hearts of our residents and their family for years to come.


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