New England Village LogoGovernance and Funding

Governed by a board of directors which is strengthened by the active participation of many NEV family members, New England Village is managed by an Executive Director and senior leadership. Its services and programs are funded through private fees, state agencies, including the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, MassHealth, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, private insurance companies and philanthropic gifts. New England Village is financially stable and will remain so over the long term due in part to The New England Village Endowment Fund, which continues to grow thanks to the generosity of many New England Village families and supporters.

  • Board of Directors

  • Dr. Aron Blidner, Secretary/Clerk

  • Ellen Burbank

  • Carl Nagy-Koechlin

  • Carolyn Langer

  • Susan McCowan

  • Sabrina Nicholson

    Janet Pistone

  • William Ray, III, Chair

  • Scott Semel, Treasurer

  • Brian Shannahan

  • Marilyn Sollar-McCormack

  • Heather Wilson

  • James Zuckernik*

    *On sabbatical